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The Inevitable Trend Of Advertising Flags Development
- Jun 22, 2017 -

With the prosperity and development of the world economy, a variety of commercial advertising activities are increasing. As an excellent exhibition equipment, advertising flags is an important means to enhance the corporate image, and is now being used more and more. Advertising Flags use of a wide range of flexible, suitable for the opening ceremony, exhibition, Shopping malls promotion, product promotion, enterprise exhibitors, press conferences, supermarket promotions, indoor and outdoor promotional activities and other business areas. Advertising flags are divided into beach flag, water injection flag, knife flag, feather flag and other types, the use of a wide range of portable durable, beautiful and durable, installation and easy to use, is the Enterprise for indoor outdoor advertising display important equipment.

For companies, products and other advertising, display banner collectively known as the banner of advertising. Advertising flags hang in the exhibition, the company hall, leisure venues and other places such as roadside.

Advertising flags used in the fabric of the spring-Asian textile 170T or knitted polyester, color Dimboa and so on. We can customize special fabrics according to customer's requirements. Advertising flags using a unique technology, technology innovation, printing banner color fastness, bright colors, waterproof, sunscreen, do not fade.

Advertising flags According to the hanging place can be divided into: Road advertising flags (also known as Lu Qi, lamp pole flag), the exhibition advertising flags (more water injection knife flag), beach flags and so on.

Size and specification of advertising flags

The Advertising Flags shape is different, has the feather shape, the rectangle, the triangle and so on. The common size of a rectangle is the national flag 2 to 4th. No. 2nd (240 X 160cm), No. 3rd (1921 X 128cm), 4th (144 X 96cm). Feather shape commonly used size: 60 X 190, 80x240, 120 X 350 and other commonly used specifications. We can make various specifications according to customer requirements of the advertising flags.

Because the banner is used to advertise the company and products to use the flag, the requirements of popular, very eye-catching, so the banner of advertising color requirements higher. Therefore, whether from the process or from the pigment and cloth requirements are higher, so as to print a bright banner. Advertising Flags is the inevitable trend of the development of advertising industry at present and in the future.