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Street Banner Stands Ads Can Not Be Free To Hang!
- Jul 13, 2017 -

In the event of holidays, especially during the Spring Festival, many businesses will be in the streets to suspend the "holiday offer" Banner Stands to attract customers ... we can know that in the city to hang such a Banner Stands is not allowed.

According to the "Hangzhou City Appearance and Sanitation Regulations", the urban area can not be suspended operating Banner Stands and cross-street Banner Stands outdoor advertising. In violation of the provisions, in addition to order to correct, but also a fine of 50 to 2,000 yuan, promotional materials may also be temporary deduction.

Hanging Banner Stands hidden trouble is not small

Some of these Banner Stands are fixed on the wall along the street, some hanging on the poles, and some even with fine wire directly fixed in the roadside trees, there are many security risks.

First of all, of course, is the impact of the city appearance ...

Second, the occlusion mark marking, affecting the line of sight ...

Moreover, the Banner Stands can easily be blown down to create a security risk ...

Centralized remediation to clear

Recently, for the phenomenon of hanging Banner Stands during the Spring Festival increased the situation, the city tube Renhe, bottle kiln, mountain and other squadrons carried out centralized remediation action for the streets washed a "face" ...

Due to the need for public welfare activities, it is necessary to set up public welfare publicity card (column), publicity slogan, should be approved by the city of environmental sanitation authorities and relevant departments, according to the provisions of the time, place, form, specifications and other settings. After the expiration of the set term, it shall be promptly dismantled.