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Poster Stand Features
- Nov 12, 2016 -

14 open, convenient for painting, installation is simple;

2 aluminium costs are low;

3 due to the curved design of the bounding box, a very high artistic effect;

4 scope of application is wide such as shopping mall posters information posters in hospitals can use;

All kinds of series poster frame, elegant, distinctive appearance, smooth lines, suitable for real estate, rental, Conference on branding, decorations, Hotel Gates, supermarket sales and other places. Novel style, promote individuality, the installation is extremely simple, easily placed, showing infinite flexibility.

Poster frame borders are generally made from aluminum because aluminum alloy solid, portable. Back panel with PVC material, or also KT plate made of other materials. Pictures are casual, because it can be replaced, the screen can be made of paper, cloth, as the case may be.