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Maintenance Of Iron Display Rack
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Iron display rack has a durable features. In General, daily wear and tear can make it increasingly shows the antique flavor, but this is not to say that iron display rack does not require maintenance. Iron display rack due to the particularity of materials and processes, determines its maintenance and maintenance also has a special place:

, Outdoor iron display rack

On outdoor iron display rack in the choice of materials required to get rust, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to exposure. In General, manufacturers in the production process have been taking into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment, so users need only look for well-known manufacturers in the purchase, not to cheap to buy some on the line with quality. But some must do:

1. dust collection.

Outdoor dirt lot, a long time, display will have a layer of dust on the surface. It will affect the display of results, for a long time can lead to damaged the protective film on the display rack. So outdoor iron display rack should be wiped regularly, generally with soft cotton wipe as well.

2. moisture.

North, you can rest assured that rust of iron display rack. In every fog, water droplets with a dry cotton cloth wipe the shelves; every rain, after the rain stopped, should be wiped drops of can in a timely manner. Southern select the exhibition stand must pay attention the steel model. (This is described in the article on)

Second, in-room iron display rack

1. avoid the bump.

This is bought iron business exhibition frame Hou first to note to of is, exhibition frame in handling process in the should carefully light; placed exhibition frame of place should is hard real not often met of place; place once selected, on not should frequently changes; placed exhibition frame of ground also should keep flat, makes exhibition frame four leg safe, if shaking not stability, day long will makes exhibition frame produced minor deformation, effect exhibition frame of using life.

2. clean the dust removal.

Best selection of knitted cotton rag, wipe the surface of the display. Note the shelves of dust in the depression and relief.

3. keep away from acids and alkali.

Iron has a corrosive effect of acids and bases are made of iron display rack "killer". Iron shelves if to wash acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkalis (such as alkalis, SOAP, soda water), rinse immediately with water pollution, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

4. away from the Sun.

Banner placement of objects, it is best to avoid the direct rays of the Sun through the window. Iron display rack subjected to sunlight for a long time, will make the paint color stain dry flaking, metal oxidation. If you are experiencing intense sunshine and unable to move, curtains or blinds keep out.

5. isolate damp.

Indoor humidity should be maintained at normal. Banner should stay away from the humidifier, moisture can make metal rust, chrome stripping. Display when cleaning, avoid cleaning with water display, use damp cloth, but do not rinse with water.

6. eliminate rust.

If the rack was rusty, don't presume with sandpaper. Smaller lighter rust, available cotton dipped in oil paint on rust, wait a moment, wipe with a cloth can remove rust. If rust has been expanded, it shall request the relevant technical staff to repair.

In short, master knowledge about maintenance, on a daily basis protecting iron display rack, can extend the life of it, gives you a fine selection of wrought iron products to accompany you for a long time.