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How To Choose The Advertising Flags That Fits Your Ad
- Jul 13, 2017 -

According to personal preferences, choose feather flag, beach flag or flag

Feather flag printing area is small, suitable for simple patterns, but the picture stretched very flat, even if the wind is very large, still able to show good publicity content.

Beach flag printing area is very large, suitable for traditional Chinese aesthetic habits, when the wind flag is dynamic.

Use the space to determine the flag width of the Advertising Flags

Used in the outdoors, it is recommended to choose the high point of the Advertising Flags, medium (3.5M) or large (4.7M) more suitable

Used indoors, according to the height of space to choose, usually small or medium to meet the display requirements. Of course, if you take into account the cost of the problem, the higher the cost of the higher the lower the cost.

Determine the base of the flagpole by using the environment and the Advertising Flags height

Outdoor hardening pavement, we recommend the use of disc base, cross, iron or water tank (according to the budget and personal preferences choice); if it is large flagpole, the wind is big, then the proposed choice of 15KG iron or water tank; Iron plate with water bag, water tank or disc base (Weihai Wang development of the water tank can be used with other bases, which is our exclusive design).

Beach or grass, it is recommended to choose in-line, cheap and practical.

According to customer requirements and budget to determine the advertising flags single or double-sided printing

Single-sided printing is a side of the main, the opposite is to penetrate the color of the past;

Double-sided printing is printed on both sides of the separate, can be exactly the same pattern can also design a completely different pattern, so according to the specific design requirements and budget to determine.

Through the above four points, the basic completion of the full set of advertising flags choice, you want to choose the future beach flag / feather flag to help.