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Display Style Types And Each Type Of Advantage
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Display description: injection x ABS base, Ferroalloy support bar, unique design by injection, placed outdoors can withstand strong winds, stand down; materials, quality control, not afraid of wind and rain, durable; beautiful, trendy, both indoor and outdoor display rack is the most trendy.

Display screen generally consists of 220 g photo paper photo picture skin. Similar display rack: floor display rack, desk-top display rack, hanging display rack, special-shaped display rack, aluminum Korean x banner, the new Korean x banner, luxury water x, and so on. Similar promotional portable displays with: sales/NET show/display rack/X display, poster racks, hanging picture frame, folding tents, exhibition equipment and so on. Containers, standard showcase, all kinds of display cabinets, POP display for sale, and so on.

Display style types and each type of advantage

X-display stand features: design simple, easy to transport, easy to store, easy to install, economical and practical, lightweight, efficient advertising promotional items, weighing less than 1.5KG, less than a minute to install the entire x-display stand, which is very convenient. Korean x--currently the most technologically advanced x-frame reinforced x-frame design concept-flexible professional strong and beautiful! Screen size can be adjusted. use United States original dimensions around us buckle refer to dimension x for the first time in the world on display screen connection completely solve the needs encountered by punching the original picture is not beautiful.