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Detailed Classification Of Display Rack
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Electronics (IT) category: Acryl USB stick with mobile holder, acrylic frames, MP3/MP4, plexiglass VCD exhibition display rack, digital camera, laptop display, camera, display stand, ACRYLIC remote control ornaments. Battery boxes, image display cabinets, counters and other monopoly.

The type of decoration: organic glass ornaments, property signs, billboards, image licensing, tissue boxes, and so on.

Tobacco Wine class: smoke, plastic cigarette case, wine racks, wine boxes, acrylic wine brand, v-cards, such as tobacco and alcohol monopoly.

Show categories: data holder, penholder, shoe racks, frames, watch display acrylic blocks, business cards, stationery, calendars, and so on.

Women's products: cosmetics skin care display stand, jewelry boxes, jewelry items, jewelry showcase display rack, as monopoly.

Quality class: seat, tank, like frames, pill boxes, paperweights, exhibition, distribution, licensing.

Crystal crafts crystal trophy, Crystal engraving, crystal ornaments, Crystal model.

Crystal polystyrene class: Crystal inside the rubber crafts, authentic products.

Organic rotation display stands: is a kind of display, for watches, jewellery, collectables, mobile phone, MP3, display of communications facilities, exhibition center, a lamp, and can be equipped with a light, all-round display product characteristics. Fine style, elegance, and good decoration effect, organic rotation display the product to fulfil the outstanding charm.