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Common Poster Frame
- Nov 12, 2016 -

We usually see the poster frame types can be divided into wheeled poster frame, lintel head poster frame, and posters. Now General of poster frame General for aluminum material according to its size can is divided into 60*80 single/double (its back board more for PVC material), 60*90 single/surface (its back board more for KT material), 80*120 single/surface (its back board more for PVC material), addition also has 40*70, not general size, you can according to himself to of size to manufacturers customized certainly by needed duration to long some. Wheeled poster figure its a compressed surface to the back plate with a thin layer of magnetic panels.

Introduction to poster stand

Gate of the shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, posters everywhere, poster frame is a kind of exhibition equipment, used to communicate promotions, advertising, Conference, or other information.

Is divided into single poster frame, double poster frame, single poster clip, double poster clip, with frieze head of single poster frame, with frieze head of double poster frame, full aluminum poster frame, single opened type poster frame, iron box poster frame, aluminum poster frame, double opened type poster frame, single fixed poster frame, double fixed poster frame, Thai type poster frame, l shaped poster frame.