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Advertising Flags Banner Of The Connotation Of The Wind
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Advantages of advertising flags:

Advertising flags can also be known as the light pole flag advertising, refers to the road poles (communications and power poles) as an advertising carrier of advertising, with the rapid development of outdoor advertising media in recent years and from time to time standards, Outdoor advertising flags with its common advertising in today's enterprise marketing, play its unique role.

Advertising flags is very small but can play a role in the impact of light flag, flag, flag, flag in a creative highlight, with good performance and operational activities of the program is the cornerstone of all project victory The

No one knows, or turn half a day can not find the location is also in vain, the flag will be for you to promote the direction of the direction of the project we believe that the success or failure lies in the details of the concern. We know that the show is for the purpose of the implementation of the advertising flags is set to maximize the effectiveness of your promotional settings. Advertising flags for customers and consumers to build a bridge of communication, advertising flags is to enhance the corporate brand awareness, reputation and set, advertising flags is close to the consumer companion.

Color advertising banner advertising is generally made by means of road poles, poles do support, in the rod on both sides of the road flag advertising.

The selection of the flag is roughly the same: advertising flags, polyester sermon flag and silk cloth flag three kinds of its manufacturing process is different, but their devices are roughly the same. Advertising flags has a good print, high Strength tear resistance, lighting effect is good, hyperopia excellent effect. Picture in the outdoor weather resistance is good, water and light acid and alkali, rich colors, graphic and appearance, a strong visual visibility, inkjet cloth flag economy. Visual impact strong use.

Hanging flag is a banner of Advertising Flags:

Refers to the hanging in the indoor, outdoor, roadside, square, shopping malls, store entrance, building and other places, for the display of corporate culture, or advertising for the banner of the screen.

Hanging flag is a shopping mall or supermarket used in a way of publicity, similar to the poster, a small flag, hanging in the mall aisle or items, colorful little flag! So called hanging flag.

Supermarkets, schools, external publicity of an advertising measures, but also for internal corporate culture to promote a measure! Commonly used indoors or outdoors!