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Advertising Flags Flagpole Characteristics
- Jun 12, 2017 -

With the prosperity and development of the world economy, various commercial advertising activities are increasing. Advertising flags as a good exhibition display equipment, is an important means to enhance corporate image, is now being used more and more.

Advertising flags with a wide range of flexible, suitable for opening celebration, exhibition, shopping malls promotion, product promotion, corporate exhibitors, press conferences, supermarket promotions, indoor and outdoor promotional activities and other business areas.

Advertising flags is divided into beach flag, water injection flag, knife flag, feather flag, water droplets and other types, the use of a wide range of portable durable, beautiful and durable, easy to install and use, is the enterprise indoor and outdoor advertising display important equipment.

Advertising flags flagpole  features:

Economy. Compared with other traditional advertising media, the banner advertising cost is extremely low, so the banner of advertising in the price is highly competitive.

Interactivity. Compared with the traditional media, the biggest advantage of banner advertising is his interactivity.

real-time. In the traditional media, advertising is difficult to make changes after the release; and banner advertising can be changed at any time, and spend little will not cause waste.

Extensive. For the time being, Banner advertising on the Internet is targeted at nearly 100 million Internet users in 186 countries, and the customer base is growing at a rate of 10% per month.

Initiative. The choice of initiative is a distinctive feature of banner advertising.

Easy to statistics. Banner has a greater advantage in terms of statistics.