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The Role Of Outdoor Advertising Flags
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Outdoor advertising flags, also known as the light pole flag advertising, refers to the road poles (communications and power poles) as an advertising carrier advertising form, with the recent development of outdoor advertising media and constantly regulate the outdoor Advertising flags with its unique form of advertising in today's enterprise marketing, play its unique role.

The company uses the outdoor advertising flags to advertise its own company.

The company was founded in 2000, is a comprehensive advertising company. Company operations involved: inkjet pictures, advertising design printing, display stand, X display rack production, book printing, large-scale advertising production. We have a large number of outstanding designers and professional advertising industry production staff, has been advocating people-oriented management philosophy, adhering to the perfect quality and high-tech combination of entrepreneurial opportunities, continuous efforts to try and explore the field of innovation breakthroughs.

Under the strict management of leadership, carry forward the positive innovation, pioneering new ideas, adhering to the meticulous industry spirit, so that our team thrives, truly a set of planning, design, production, online delivery, sale as one of the service model , Won the majority of customers a good reputation. Credibility of the first is our constant belief that the first service is our gold medal purposes. We are in good faith and reliable, quality first, so that 100% customer satisfaction with the principle of sincere look forward to working with you for your cooperation.

Photo printing business scope:

Indoor and outdoor high-precision: inkjet, photo, display panels, car stickers, light films, photo cloth and so on

Engraving blister: crystal word, PVC word, hibiscus word, LED word, luminous characters, plastic word, department card, etc.

Display equipment: X-Chin, Yi Labao, pull the net, advertising umbrella, tents, information planes, posters planes, watercolor flags, banners, etc.