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Wrought iron display rack daily cleaning is essential
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Iron art exhibition frame of basic size and scale to by specific exhibits and using environment and people, and props of itself structure, and material and process, elements by qualified, its size standard of developed should integrated consider decided, need looked of iron art exhibition frame, its bypass channel width at least meet three unit people of passage, or, on will appeared hold blocking, and human feel does not apply, even damage commodity, phenomenon.

Wrought iron display rack daily cleaning is essential

According to uses of different, in iron art exhibition frame making Shi need note of problem also different, regardless of is in what of environment Xia using, iron art exhibition frame of maintenance work are is cannot ignored of, regularly of clean work cannot less, note in clean iron art exhibition frame of when, must first to determine by with of rag whether clean, dang clean or swab to dust zhihou, must to turned surface or for a clean of rag again using, don't repeatedly repeat using has lane dirty of that side, such only will makes dirt real repeatedly in commercial exhibition with surface friction, It will damage the iron surface of the brightness of the display.