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Wrought iron display rack color is bad is there any remedy
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Wrought iron display rack is not what we understand from the name on display made with iron, but distinguished from the plastic display racks, made of aluminium or other alloys, after a performance, showing different colors, wrought iron display rack color is bad is there any remedy?

We said iron art exhibition frame color bad may is because Shang paint not qualified or paint material itself quality not qualified caused of, certainly will has must of remedy measures, if such words recommends production manufacturers put yiqian of paint material cleanup clean, then again important Shang paint (must to using quality good of paint), do cannot in yiqian of based Shang fill paint such will is easy off paint of.

Wrought iron display rack color is bad are there remedies

If due to improper use, resulting in a paint or fade, we may be in the other spray on a coat of paint, or use the same color to fill the line.

As a professional wrought iron display production unit, in choosing paint, be sure to choose regular factory product, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance of the product, more seriously may affect product quality and strength of the company.