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Show the median and low display anything
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Shows the display in a different way, the visual experience is not the same, so different exhibitions and low angle to exhibit, show the median and low display what's different about

A: the display rack display

Exhibition on display in eye-level height and within a 30 degree angle display, who looked the most comfortable of the top viewport, so for the best exhibition stand exhibition location, typically according to the perspective of deep layers of the display of goods on display in order to take full advantage of this part of the region, make this part of your product display full enrichment, to achieve the best display purposes.

Show the median and low display anything

Two: lower display rack display

Low in display and exhibit different, refer to below eye level line display location, this part of the exhibition goods for people close to top view and clear, solid modeling and structure can fully show the product, lower display is fine the best display location for small items, are generally in the form of fine cabinets display rack display.