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Display rack in the middle position must have a Struts
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Display rack made of aluminum alloy, steel, bamboo, banner advertisement picture is freely scalable, very portable, show the picture from the box when he was pulled out, behind the foldable pole, straight screen when not in the box picture collection.

Display rack in the middle position must have a Struts

Regardless of is which a style of exhibition frame above must to bar, following must has box, Middle must has Struts, so finished of skeleton is into has a cross with of "h" type, now to easy unified distinguish exhibition frame, put this class exhibition frame called "h exhibition frame" or "h frame", this on is easy Lenovo to "x exhibition frame", "l exhibition frame" has, put these style range of exhibition frame are with letters instead of distinguish is most science of.

Small display rack compressive strength, suitable for exhibitions, or long term use, white appearance. Aluminum alloy materials, seat choice widened stainless steel ring or aluminum structure as a whole. Spray painting surfaces for PVC material or high-gloss photo paper, compression and is suitable for long-term or repeated use.