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Display material is calculated by
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Stand before the production, we first want to be cutting, cutting calculations must be accurate, display material calculations, do you know?

Open calculation total can be divided into the following steps:

: Post open method: total height of cut adjustment foot 2 cm

II: beam of length: total length minus column 7 cm if the middle column at minus 3.5 cm

Three: the beam the width: total width minus column 7 cm 

Four: plate folder open method: open beam size divided by 2 plus 1.5 cm

Friday: open method of wood laminates: on good beam size 1.2 cm, width 1.2 cm

Six: the glass shelf open method: a good beam length of 1.4 cm; width and 1.4 cm

Seven: Base cabinet height side open method example, 58 losing lose 7 cm Base cabinet height 51 cm

Display material is calculated by

Eight: the lateral width of Cabinet at the end of open method: open bar plus 2 cm

Nine: Base cabinet height door opening method: Base cabinet side lose 3 cm height dimensions, such as base cabinets side height 51 cm, height 58 cm and then lose 3 centimeters is equal to 48 bottom door height,

Ten: the width of door opening method: with open beam size minus 4 mm divided by 2 equals door width

11: Base cabinet door height and width open method: side losing 4.5 equals height dimensions door Base cabinet height door width with open beam size divided by 2 plus 1.5 cm is equal to the door width.