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Banner printing are essential
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Banner photo printing industry is made after an indispensable process in the whole work, quality assurance plays a very important role. A fast, elegant show post-production, works of not only the icing on the cake, can also create greater economic benefits for the company and corporate reputation.

Postproduction concepts for exhibition stand wide, almost all design work is in post-production. Such as: output, cutting, laminating, mounting, splicing, and so on. According to my own experience and the company situation, note to the post.

Banner printing are essential

Graphic design work is completed the first output, in the process, the exported image have to merge all layers (layer), the General need to save the file as. tif or. jpg format, if the image is produced on a Apple computer, should have a suffix. The size of the image, remained in 100DPI and output accuracy can be achieved, if the surface of the output image is large, points are not reduced, the size of the image above 40M. This process has several problems: first printing is different from printing, inkjet color print gorgeous, pretty much. Spray drawing mode must be set to RGB rather than CMYK mode. Printing image surfaces tend to be large, some imperceptible flaw Kinabalu zoom in the print output will become apparent after exaggeration, and that this in turn pass the sample to be discovered, inkjet in the completed must be amplified to 100% check again. For writing a lot of pictures, but also to proofread carefully.